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Have you ever imagined the best place to work? If you thought of a company where you can work with the leading technologies and take part in interesting and competitive projects. Developing your professional career in an innovative environment and contributing your knowledge in building world class products and services, then we are sure that you will be happy to work with us.

If you would like to help us to improve the digital world, take a look to our opportunities and let us know your professional profile. We really think that you will demonstrate your capability, being an entrepreneur with a unique vision and share a passion for innovation in the technology.

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Employment Opportunities

Would you like to be part of Telefónica I + D and work in innovative environment in one of the following areas?

  • Research
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • User Experience
  • Release and Systems
  • Service Delivery
  • Operations & Support

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Intern Opportunities

Are you finishing your studies at the University?

We want to be there at the beginning of your career. Offering the resources you need to develop your learning and share our innovative work environment with you.

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People at TID

We are creating the future of communication which is only possible if we can count on people with a start-up mentality and who are determined enough to create new things.

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