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Distrito Telefónica
Edificio Oeste 1
Ronda de la Comunicación s/n
28050 Madrid

Telefónica I+D Center in Madrid is located in Distrito Telefonica, in the district of Las Tablas, where are also the  Headquarters  and other Group companies.

Distrito Telefonica is the exponent of the work culture in Telefónica. The architecture and technology are designed to provide a new way of working which is characterized by more horizontal relationships, greater mobility, flexibility, teamwork and management by objectives.

It occupies an area of 200,000 m2 where more than 12,000 professionals work. The complex is designed with four groups of three buildings which are located in the four corners. The campus also has a central building, a service building and three small auxiliary buildings. All in a landscaped area with walkways and benches, and a lake in its center.

Aligned with Telefónica's commitment to the environment, Distrito Telefonica has been designed under the concept of "sustainable architecture", which facilitates a reduction in CO2 emissions, the optimization of climate conditions and the most efficient use of resources.

The roof covering the buildings supports the largest solar energy plant of this kind in Europe. Internal equipments are prepared for a rational use of the resources and also help the environment by reducing waste, saving paper, printing reduction, recycling containers, etc.

The complex has an important provision of services: restaurants, general services, gym, nursery, health center, financial offices, travel agencies, insurance agency, hairdresser, optician, dry cleaning, pharmacy, etc.

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