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Parque Tecnológico Walqa
Ed. 1. Carretera Zaragoza
330, Km 566
22197 Cuarte (Huesca)

The center of Huesca initiated its activities in 2003. Its implementation underway is demonstrating the commitment of Telefónica to collaborate with institutions and local companies in each of the autonomous communities and markets in which Telefónica is present.

The activity of Telefónica I+D in Huesca is concentrated in the areas of video and television. Telefónica group is boosting the user growth and the internationalization of these services; Telefónica I+D support this initiative by focusing on the development of advanced video services like the management of non-linear contents, catch-up of recently broadcasted content, or the recording of these contents. Another important line of activity is the area of content recommendation in order to increase the visibility of the content available in Telefónica catalog.

Furthermore, the centre of Huesca collaborates actively in the joint initiative of Telefónica and Mozilla Foundation: the development of FirefoxOS, a mobile operating system that is already in the leading edge of mobile devices. 

It is located in the Walqa Technology Park, in the municipal area of Cuarte; at about 3 Km from the city of Huesca and 70 Km from Zaragoza.

This park cannot be accessed by public transport.The possibility of setting up an urban bus route is currently being considered.