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Telefónica I+D Center of Brazil began its activity in early 2011. Its main mission is to enhance the technological differentiation in the creation of products and services, within an open innovation model, collaborating with third parties, in a key country for Telefónica as it is Brazil.

The center has been jointly created by Telefonica Brazil and Telefonica I+D, with the double aim of achieving a greater proximity to the business and to take advantage of the Telefónica I+D technological knowledge.

Nowadays, it has begun to develop its activity in carrying out some works related to products and video services.

The planned future activities will make the Brazil center:

  • To be an innovative leader in the development of Video Productos and technology network for Telefonica, focused on the technological differentiation. The center can create products and services generating technologies that differentiate Telefónica from other operators, committed to transform into global products and services.

  • The needs of the Brazil Telefónica operators are integrated with the Telefonica innovation model, involving TBrasil in the global model, integrating the global products, and including the products to local needs. The ultimate goal is to transform the Brazil Innovation Center in a reference to the group in its action areas.

  • To promote technology transfer, by aligning the activities with the needs of fixed and mobile business and supporting the activities of the local innovation model.