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Xavier Amatriain, now at NetFlix, USA

Manuel Cebrian, now at NICTA

Mauro Cherubini, now at Google, Switzerland

Parminder Chhabra, now at BitGravity

Karen Church, now at Yahoo!, USA

Vijay Erramilli, now at Guavus, USA

Vanessa Frias, now at Maryland University, USA

Domenico Giustiniano, now at IMDEA, Spain

Laszlo Gyarmati, now at QCRI, Qatar

Heath Hohwald, Independent Consultant

Alejandro Jaimes, now at Yahoo!

Haewoon Kwak, now at QCRI, Qatar

Alberto Lopez Toledo, now at Pixable, USA

Luis Moyano, now at IBM Research

Joachim Neumann, now at Visamed

Rodrigo de Oliveira, now at Google, USA

Georgios Siganos, now at QCRI, Qatar

Michalis Sirivianos, now at Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus

Nava Tintarev, now at Univsity of Aberdeen

Qiankun Zhao, now at CEO 37 degree

Aleksandar Matic, now at Telefonica Alpha

Dina Papagiannaki, now at Google

Nuria Oliver, now at Vodafone

Matteo Varvello, now at AT&T

Nikolaos Lautaris, now at Data Transparency Lab

Jeremy Blackburn, now at Alabama State University

Claudio Soriente, now at NEC Laboratories Europe



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We follow an open research model in collaboration with universities and other research institutions and favor the dissemination of our work both through publications and technology transfer. We aim at first tier conferences. However, we also occasionally publish preliminary work in workshops or similar venues so please stay tuned!