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Alexandros Karatzoglou

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Recommender Systems

Senior Research Scientist at Telefonica Research in lively Barcelona.

Working on Deep Learning for Recommender Systems with a focus on Ranking algorithms, Context-awareness and Scalability. Implemented Recommender Systems for App discovery and Social Networks.

My research in Machine Learning and Recommender Systems was awarded with three best paper awards at ECML/PKDD 2013, RecSys 2012 and ECML 2008. I regularly serve as a Senior PC at ACM RecSys and have been a PC member for KDD, WWW, WSDM, ICML, NIPS, ECML/PKDD.

kernlab, is Machine Learning package for R that I wrote that has become fairly popular. I am also co-author of CoFiRank, a collection of algorithms in C++ for Collaborative Ranking.

Received my Ph.D. in Machine Learning from the Vienna University of Technology while being a frequent visitor at the Statistical Machine Learning group at NICTA in Canberra, Australia.


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Alexandros Karatzoglou's publications:

    - 2014:

    1. "Coverage, Redundancy and Size-awareness in Genre Diversity for Recommender Systems ", Saúl Vargas , Linas Baltrunas , Alexandros Karatzoglou , Pablo Castells .
      ACM RecSys 2014, Sep 14
    1. "Question Recommendation for Collaborative Question Answering Systems with RankSLDA ", Jose San Pedro , Alexandros Karatzoglou .
      ACM RecSys, Foster City, CA, USA, Sep 14
    1. "CARS2: Learning Context-aware Representations for Context-aware Recommendations ", Yue Shi , Alexandros Karatzoglou , Linas Baltrunas , Martha Larson , Alan Hanjalic .
      ACM CIKM 2014, Aug 14
    1. "Gaussian Process Factorization Machines for Context-aware Recommendations ", Trung V. Nguyen , Alexandros Karatzoglou , Linas Baltrunas .
      ACM SIGIR, Gold Coast, Australia, Jul 14

    - 2013:

    1. "GAPfm: Optimal top-n recommendations for graded relevance domains ", Yue Shi , Alexandros Karatzoglou , Linas Baltrunas , Martha Larson , Alan Hanjalic .
      ACM international conference on Conference on information & knowledge management, Oct 13
    1. "xCLiMF: optimizing expected reciprocal rank for data with multiple levels of relevance ", Yue Shi , Alexandros Karatzoglou , Linas Baltrunas , Martha Larson , Alan Hanjalic .
      ACM conference on Recommender systems, Oct 13
    1. "CLiMF: collaborative less-is-more filtering ", Yue Shi , Alexandros Karatzoglou , Linas Baltrunas , Martha Larson , Nuria Oliver , Alan Hanjalic .
      International joint conference on Artificial Intelligence, Aug 13
    1. "Games of Friends: a game-theoretical approach for link prediction in online social networks ", Giovanni Zappella , Alexandros Karatzoglou , Linas Baltrunas .
      AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Jun 13
    1. "Socially Enabled Preference Learning from Implicit Feedback Data ", Julien Delporte , Alexandros Karatzoglou , Tomasz Matuszczyk , Stéphane Canu .
      Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Jan 13