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Thinking Things Open

Easily connect your product to the Internet, everything you need in one board ready to prototype and industrialize.

Thinking Things Open

Originally Thinking Things is a system for building your Internet-connected devices by connecting small plastic blocks to an open "cloud" service. Many users have asked us for direct access to the electronics and firmware, allowing them to mass-produce their own product. Answering to this request we have developed Thinking Things Open, which will provide all the tools that users need to build a connected object.

"With Thinking Things Open you can connect any object to Internet. Think about the possibilities!"

What is TT Open?

Thinking Things Open is an electronic module containing the needed electronics to provide intelligence and communications to any product. It also incorporates an energy management system and a memory for the user to use and allows remote updates (OTA).

Developers can also use Thinking Things cloud service to store data, mediate with the device and manage device firmware and battery. The firmware is developed and uploaded to the devices through an Arduino framework plugin.

“With Thinking Things Open you have an end-to-end solution based on mobile network where you will only need to spend effort developing your idea or project.”

Our main objective is to provide a tool to validate the functionality of a product or service to be developed, in order to do that we have the Thinking Things Open development board. Once validated the functional side, we would be able to create a prototype that will serve to evaluate the product in its almost final format.  And finally, we have the Thinking Things Open module to be integrated in the final design, intended for medium and large scale industrial manufacture .



Possibilities are endless with Thinking Things Open and we are working with companies to connect vending machines to enable that it alerts you if a product is missing or the machine is damaged.

The idea is always the same: make machines talk. TT open connects not only any machine to the network but gives the possibility of adding sensors so that you can ask anything.

If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us or visit our laboratory.