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Removing friction in the relationship between companies and their customers

"Click & Go" Buttons

Click & Go

Click & Go technology allows the creation of smart buttons that can significantly improve the processes of buying products, access to services and customer support of companies in different sectors (transport, industry, trade, 'retail' etc.).

With something as simple as pushing a button we are cappable of capture user context and trigger an action. Simplicity is taken to its highest expression removing frictions or barriers that may exist.

"A button is a shortcut to a routine action either buy a pizza or order a taxi"

This project is being tested in collaboration with companies from different sectors which are offering these buttons to their end customers. It has followed a lean startup methodology which has primacy premature contact with users to create solutions that meet their needs in the shortest time possible.

In reference to Telepizza an autonomous button with a battery and its own SIM has been created which can adhere to the fridge of Telepizza customers and, just pressing it, a customer can make his favorite order. Thus, the customer will receive his order without having to do anything else or perform any call or additional procedure via mobile phone or PC since the button is completely independent.

In reference to Seur, its OneClick solution will enable customers to make automatic pick-up orders in one single click,  speeding up the process because with the push of a button the system will generate package pickup requests. This solution will be available to business customers, whether large or SMEs, using standardized service and request frequent pickups.


Likewise, customers who wish to order a vehicle through Cabify will also see this task simplified. Customers will be able to choose the desired kind of vehicle from the company and the button will print the ticket where name and phone number of the driver will be reflected, as well as model and license plate number of the vehicle that has been assigned to pick him up, all with the same button. Furthermore the button, thanks to its global SIM, will be available in Spain, Mexico, Peru and Chile.

These products are possible thanks to  Telefónica I + D has created the Thinking Things Open technology. It is a physical component that integrates the communication and processing capabilities which can provide connectivity to any object that integrates it. If oyu want more information about Thinking Things Open regarding industrial use or you are interested in a development kit do not hesitate to visit the website.


These devices are 100% independent and do not need a smartphone or PC to operate, due to their integrated SIM. This greatly simplifies the use as people do not need to configure the device in order to connect to a WiFi network or a device: they just work. Moreover, Telefonica I+D's smart buttons work anywhere in the world due to its global SIM, which simplifies the process of deploying these devices in large multinationals and international companies. 

With the lessons learned from these developments, Telefónica I+D is creating a button based on white-label IoT for more most frequently use cases, besides its APIS will be available to facilitate integration and that can be used by all type of companies, easy to configure to the specific needs of each business and consumer.



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