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Network innovation_

Telefónica I + D works to evolve the future telecommunications infrastructure technologies to provide the best network experience.

The main objective of the Network innovation unit is to make a more flexible and mouldable network to support the changing needs of the digital world while improving network efficiency on a global scale by proposing new technology solutions, steering the industry and by contributing in appropriate standardization bodies

Network Innovation work

Network Virtualisation

Network virtualisation minimises dependence on hardware and shifts network functionalities to software. This reduces development times and eases upgrading while increasing flexibility and efficiency. Hardware used in network equipment should be as general as possible, being only specific when needed.

This allows telco operators to radically change the architecture and scenarios and have more efficient networks. Also this innovation will allow telcos to launch more customized services, more secure and simple to use and with high levels of quality.

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Telefónica NFV Reference Lab

NFV Reference Lab aims to help the ecosystem of partners and network equipment vendors to test and develop virtualized network functions with the upper layers of orchestration of services. Its aim is to promote interoperability and provide a more open ecosystem so that telecommunications providers adapt and expand their network services more easily.

The laboratory implements a network virtualization framework based on the approach of ETSI ISG NFV as a practical setup for testing.

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Transport Network Evolution

The evolution of transport network technologies must provide an end-to-end network able to perform automated connectivity control in order to accelerate service provisioning and performance monitoring, enable on-demand connectivity configurations by end users and guarantee QoE (Quality of Experience).

The aim of the work done in transport network evolution is focus to provide a cost-effective and high performance solutions, which can work in interoperable scenarios with standard interfaces.

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5G Evolution

Next generation of communication networks and services will provide ubiquitous super-fast connectivity and seamless service delivery in all circumstances.

In the long term, telecom and IT will be integrated towards a common very high capacity ubiquitous infrastructure, with converging capabilities for both fixed and mobile accesses.

It will be based on general purpose, programmable and specific high performance hardware that will offer resources for transport, routing, storage and execution.

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Laboratory of 5G excellence: 5TONIC

5TONIC is the first laboratory of 5G excellence in Spain created by Telefónica and IMDEA Networks with the objective of creating an open ecosystem for innovation and investigation as well as to provide a place where industry and the academic world can work together. The lab has an eminently practical point of view, working on viability tests of a specific technology, analyzing all aspects of the system as well as the complexity of all the different solutions.

The objective is conducting realistic analysis of not only the technologies that could graduate to 5G, but also on accelerating innovations needed in network architecture to enable cases of use and applications from multiple industrial sectors.

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Way of Working

Identifing new Network technologies

Network innovation unit identifies and assesses the value of new network technologies, architectures and platforms in an open innovation environment and in collaboration with industry and with Telefónica operations.

Advancing the availability of new Network technologies

Network innovation unit defines, prototypes and validates efficient network technologies to support Telefónica future competitiveness, advancing the availability of new technologies that offer a potential for competitive advantage.

Protecting and standardizing new Network technologies

Network innovation unit protects Telefónica innovation and technology assets when needed through patents and IPR, and steers its network and platform technology evolution through participation and contribution in appropriate standards bodies (SDO).