Long term innovation_

One of the responsibilities of Telefónica I+D is to carry out the long term innovation of Telefónica. That includes the creation of new products and the evolution of our network.

As of today the core of the activity is centered around two areas: "Predicting human behaviour" and "Network evolution".

In order to feed the initial stages of the innovation funnel there a scientific research activity. It focuses on developing new technologies for the core areas but also in creating technological opportunities in a few other potential areas.

Innovation areas

Predicting human behaviour

Using our network data and deep machine learning, TEF is in a privileged position to predict human behaviour. We are exploring several opportunities to commercialize this capability, but we continue looking for new ideas of how to leverage the data we have and transform it into new product and services.

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Network innovation

Networks Innovation works to evolve the future telecommunications infrastructure technologies to make a more flexible and mouldable network and to provide the best network experience. The objective is to support the changing needs of the digital world while improving network efficiency on a global scale. Network Virtualisation and Transport Network Evolution are our main work lines.

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Scientific research

The mission of the Telefonica I+D Research groups is three-fold: (1) lead the early stages of the innovation funnel with expert knowledge and scientific expertise, (2) generate intellectual property rights for Telefonica, and (3) create innovative technologies and services that will enable Telefonica to maintain its leading position in the telecommunications market and be a strong player in the digital world as a true innovator. The focus is on technologies that are likely to impact Telefonica’s service offerings in 3-5 years time.

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