Estás en InvestigadoresAlessandro Finamore

Alessandro Finamore

Internet traffic measurements, BigData analytics, Mobile systems

Dr. Alessandro Finamore is a Research Associate at Telefonica Research.He received his PhD in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Politecnico di Torino in 2012. Before joining Telefonica I+D he was working at Politecnico di Torino as post-doc, working in the area of Internet traffic measurements. In particular, he is one of the developer of Tstat, an open source network passive monitoring developed by the Telecommunication Network Group of Politecnico di Torino and currently deployed in real ISPs network.

His research interests line in the area of Internet traffic analysis, mobile systems, CDNs services, BigData frameworks, user quality of experience and mobility. In particular, Alessandro's current work focuses on empowering network traffic BigData analytics for mobile network planning and users quality of experience optimization.



  • Traffic Monitoring and Analysis (TMA), since 2012
  • TRaffic Analysis and Characterization (TRAC), since 2013