One of the roles of Telefónica I+D is to encourage a armonised work culture across the internal product developments in Telefónica. Telefónica I+D has a specifically Way of Working based on an agile mind set based on three main pillars:

  • Collaboration - amongst individuals and with the customer.
  • Cultivation - as a team sharing the same purpose (product), vision and realization.
  • Competence - by paying attention to technical excellence, craftsmanship, creativity and achievement.


This agile culture is settled on a series of practices and values:

  • Regarding the process: Lean, Simplicity, Inspect & Adapt, Continuous Feedback, Transparency, Trust, Responding to Change, and Quality.
  • Regarding the product: Incremental Design, Iterations, Continuous Integration/Delivery (focus on) Working Software, Small Releases, and Sustainable Pace.
  • And finally regarding persons: Whole Team, Collective ownership, Communication, Respect, Individuals & Interactions, and Customer Collaboration.

Each area where Telefónica I+D participate is devoted to create products on a specific product domain. Those products are built inside product initiatives composed by discipline members from several disciplines which generate both products and new technology. There are 5 disciplines inside Telefónica I+D: Program Management, User Experience, Development, Quality and Operations & Support.


TEFcon is an example of a recognition culture for internal development and for the importance of talent to build new products.


TEFcon is the annual meeting for everyone involved in the product creation within Telefónica. During two intensive days people people are separated from day to day activity to meet in person, to know the best practices used by our best engineers and user experience designers (through hackathonesdojos and game shows), to learn new technologies and, above all, to establish close relationships among colleagues. It is relevant that the product builder know that it has the potential to develop a career full of successes within Telefónica doing what it likes more: to create. 

Product Engineering blog

Posts of our Engineering Blog are written directly from our team members and, as many other engineering blogs, document some of the challenges that we tackle every day that may be useful and interesting to the global engineering community.
In this process you will get a better sense of what engineering is like at Telefónica. And we hope that you will discover why our company is a great place to “make” things.


A bigeeky is a face to face meeting between 30 and 60 minutes long to talk about any technical issue informally. We seek to solve the common problem of colleagues who need to be updated technologically but have little time to do so. To do this, the inevitable lunch break is used for a colleague to talk about some new technology, to explain what is his project or to raise any technical subject of debate. Meetings are planned every two weeks in each of the centers which also serve the function of maintaining cohesion in groups of similar interests.